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image Crab dish Original Crab Dish
First restaurant serving crab cuisine for over 50 years in Japan.
Customers favor KANI-HONKE for its dainty, authentic crab cuisine in any season.
Enjoy these special tastes of Japan: Fresh crab meat sashimi and "Kani Sushi" only at KANI-HONKE! Enjoy "Baked Crab," sweet,
mild Crab Tofu, and Crab Marimo (spherical, moss-shaped crab),
Boiled Crabs. Enjoy original tastes of supreme "Kanisuki" (Crab Sukiyaki)", etc. Every dish only at KANI-HONKE!
Calm atmosphere Inside of a restaurant
Have a blissful time in our luxurious space. Each restaurant looks like a grand castle on the outside. On the inside, it's like a folksy fisherman's house in the Japanese countryside.
Single room
Human touch Excellent Service
We are happy to help our guests enjoy the satisfying, best-tasting Crabs in Japan!
Personable service

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